Superbowl Photo Party!

Well, the Steelers may not be in the big game this year but it doesn’t change the fact that it was GORGEOUS day to go outside and take some fantastic football themed photos! Being true Steeler fans, we are rooting for the Giants to beat some Patriot tushy (but we aren’t really that invested either way). This post is part of a blog-hop and I’ve been going through the blogs as they are posted and there are some GREAT photos/posts so if you would like to take a break from watching the Puppybowl on Animal Planet, or from the big game….or the COMMERCIALS for the big game, wandering through the blogs below is a GREAT use of time!

We hope you enjoy the photos of Shayne and Rio… they had a BLAST playing (though Rio tore his jersey so he had to wear Shayne’s).

I would really like the football in your hand... yep.. I would

I has a VERY happy holding my Terrible Towel

Interceoption by Shayne Polamalu!!

Yeah.... I wouldn't want to have to fight him for the ball...

An incredible leaping grab by Shayne Polamalu!

Rio Polamalu has secured the interception and is running it back for
a TOUCHDOWN!!! Good luck catching him, he aint no James
Harrison huffing and puffing!

Uhh... just missed that one!

I haz it! It is MINE!

GO STEELERS!!! (even though they are not in it today!)

Go check out all the great blogs and photos following the bloghop below… thank you to All Things Dog Blog and for this fun blog-hop and contest!

  1. Great pictures! It looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  2. Hi Shayne & Rio!
    You. Guys. ROCK! That is my kind of Super Dog Sunday action right there. I am highly impressed with both of you. Can we be on a team together? I played like that and My Mommy caught my high flying action on my blog post for today too! (I actually did two – one for the contest, one for my many football action photos)
    Come by and visit me soon. Joy of the Game Part II has all my action shots, though I must say you take the cake!
    I am creating a blog roll of my blog followers and friends. Let me know and I’d love to add you!
    Your new friend, Pixel

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