Text-Free Tuesday

It has been a crazy busy weekend filled with lots of fun adventures with the dogs and late night firework events.  The bonus was sleepy dogs during the fireworks are much more relaxed.  Bandit gets mildly concerned but has been too tired to care.

Here are some photos from the weekend swimming and exploring the pond with the three dogs (all shot with my little point-n-shoot)!

Bandit was searching around in the mud ... digging and nosing for something.. maybe frogs... this muddy mess is the result.

swimmy swimmy with a ball through the lilly pads 🙂

Gotta get the ball! gotta get the ball!

Bandit caught sight of some small critter racing into the cat-tails on the edge of the pond...

Poor Rio got stuck in the lilly-pads as he tried to swim through them (not on this throw) I almost had to brave the MUCKY pond to get him loose... but he managed to get untangled.

Shayne has started leaping off the banks of the pond into the water which is pretty fun... she's got some mad hops, even from a stand still 6in above the pond surface!

  1. Looks like a fun day at the pond!

  2. I love how all the dogs just jump in with total abandon! What fun photos!

    Actually, I am proud to report I kind of got Shiva to cautiously step into the water from off a boardwalk this morning. She has never done that before, will only wade in from the shore. It’s a baby step, but I will take it!

    Clearly I missed something, but I don’t think I’ve seen Bandit before… He’s very cute. 🙂

    • Shayne has really started to LOVE leaping into the water… i think dock diving might be our next adventure….. she’s having a blast!

      That’s awesome! Good Job Shiva!!! it is a baby step but a step nonetheless!! For a pup who doesn’t like swimming a whole lot it’s hard to get them to want to get in the water but well done!!

      LOL Bandit is my mom’s Shih Tzu… he’s a very chill little man!

  3. What fun. You guys are great swimmers.

    -Katy & Bailey

    • Thanks! Shayne LOVES to swim but she hates being wet so it’s funny to watch her leap in the water with gusto and then run out and roll in the grass to dry off immediately after!

  4. What fun! They look so pretty swimming around in the lily pads with the pretty flowers. 🙂

    • Those lily pads nearly killed Rio LOL! he got stuck in them and was swimming but not moving (why he decided to swim through them is unknown… he went out of his way to go through them)… luckily he didn’t panic and just kept working and wiggled his way free…i had taken off my shoes and was about to jump in to get him free. I didn’t want him starting to panic and then go under (I was a lifeguard for years and he would have been my first water rescue [luckily]!) mister cool, calm, collected didn’t panic just kept swimming and seconds later reached the shore!

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