The art of making friends…

Shayne, Kobi and Rio walking together in close contact as their leashes became more tangled!

Today Shayne, Rio and I met up with a friend and four of her dogs for a nice walk together.  Shayne, again, absolutely blew me away with her social skills (though I still use those terms loosely).  My friend brought three really social dogs (Kobi, Potter, and Spencer) and then her foster dog (Marley) who is… a work in progress.


We stopped and chit-chatted in an open part of the trail and the dogs were really good! Marley (foster dog) got a little snarky but Shayne didn't react

To make it easier for my friend, I got to walk one of her Aussies, Kobi, with my two and Shayne was brilliant.  Walking super closely to Kobi wasn’t even a challenge… their leashes got twisted/tangled, they bumped into each other, pushed each other out of the way… and there were no issues whatsoever.  Shayne was super relaxed and sniffed Potter, Spencer, and Kobi (obviously) in a really appropriate manner.  Even when foster dog Marley reacted to her and got snarky she just looked away.  YAYY!!


Potter snuck up on Shayne for a butt sniff.... shayne spun around, saw it was potter and just ignored him... no issue at all!


Potter and Shayne nose-to-nose, this could have easily set Shayne off previously but now she accepts his flirtations

Shayne looking SUPER relaxed right next to a barking Kobi ... so good!

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