Training a Bulldog Puppy Update!!

I know, I know, I have been a little lazy this week–two photo heavy posts and two shorter (sort of) posts.  Life got a little crazy this week with prepping for Saturday (weather looks less than ideal for the dogs… Rio’s gonna have to wear a coat… it’s gonna be COLD!).

To make up for that… (and I mean MORE than make up for it) here are two videos of Alice the Bulldog puppy!!!  Alice is now just under 6 months old (if I calculated correctly) and is such a sweetheart!

She LOVES to train… when I bust out the clicker she just gets so ready to work and think!  I’ve had bulldogs my whole life (we’ve had 4) and I’ve never had one so driven to work and so in love with working.  She’s excellent at giving eye contact and is surprisingly focused (even outside she’s focused when we are working).

I started to introduce loose leash walking activities last week and introduced the default sit three days ago… she’s doing beautifully.


So here’s a preview (i think it’s a cute video though not much content)….


and here’s the full length feature film (so to speak)…



I hope you enjoyed the videos and didn’t die of cuteness overload!  Alice IS ridiculously cute… as she’s gotten older she has definitely become less of a pushy bull-headed bulldog (though she does still have her moments)!  Have a great weekend!!

  1. Gaaaaaah training video = adorbs 🙂

    She’s such a good, smart doggie!

  2. Hi..I really enjoy the video…glad to find it via SATURDAY BLOG HOP…I agree with Jess, you’ve got a smart and adorable pet…

  3. Alice is indeed very cute:) But not just a pretty face, she’s very clever and focussed too. Looking forward to seeing more of her training progress!

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