Sirius Training, Serious Fun!
Sirius Training, Serious Fun!


Training to fit every need!

Success Just Clicks offers a variety of training options for our students.  We want to make training available to all people who are in need–our goal is that dogs get the training they need to stay in their homes.


We offer group training classes for basic manners, intermediate level manners, APDT Canine Life And Social Skills (CLASS), and canine sports like Rally-O and Rally-Free.  Group classes are great options for dogs that are comfortable in new and sometimes hectic situations or for dogs that need to learn to think and work around distractions.  We currently teach classes for Western PA Humane Society at their facility on the North Shore (our curriculum following their progression chart).  SJC’s group classes are held at North Pittsburgh Animal Behavior in the North Hills–our classes include basic manners, pre-sports, Rally-O, and APDT Canine Life And Social Skills. We also offer a neighborhood class, if you have a group of people interested in a class, we can create a custom out-door class in your neighborhood just for you and your friends.

Hudson and Tank were private students prepping for a new human baby

Hudson and Tank were private students prepping for a new human baby

Some dogs may need more intensive one on one training and some families may prefer a more flexible schedule; for them, we offer Private In-Home training.  Our Private In-Home training can address any number of behaviors from teaching basic manners and helping you select a new dog/puppy for your home, to dealing with reactivity or resource guarding.  We typically come to your home at a time that is convenient for you to work with you and your pup on a weekly basis. This process is very much so about teaching the dog-guardians how to handle the behavior and how to best address it from a training stand point.

We are also offering a Day Training option for families who do not have the time to do the initial training themselves.  Our expert trainer will come into a student’s home, for a set number of lessons, and spend about 45 minutes working with the dog to lay a foundation of behavior.  After the set number of lessons, we will schedule a transition lesson where we teach the handlers how to continue the training and do some ‘up keep’ with the behaviors.  This option has the trainer doing the bulk of the foundation work for the handlers but the transition lesson is incredibly important so everyone is on the same page.

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