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Day Training In Pittsburgh

Alice and Ralph practicing their group sit-stays while outside!

Day Training is a fantastic option for busy dog guardians.  We do the foundation training for you at your home while you are busy at work, running errands, or otherwise engaged.


Basic Information

Day training is the perfect arrangement for busy individuals who are struggling to find time to train their dog.  With day training, SJC will come to your home and work with your dog for an hour several days per week to teach your dog the foundational skills requested.  Because your dog is working directly with a skilled professional trainer, learning tends to be faster and goals get met more quickly–maintaining these new skills is critical and is certainly a task that owners must commit to.  In order for owners to maintain the skills, we complement the training sessions with Transfer Sessions.  At each Transfer Session, we work with the owners to show them how to bridge the communication from the dog trainer to the owner as well and teach the owner how to get the behaviors they want reliably.  It is critical for long term success that the owner continue up-keep training with the dog.  Like with any skill, if it goes unpracticed, it will fade and become weaker in reliability.  So while the trainer will do the hard work of building the foundation, the owners will sti
ll need to continue to practice even after the training to maintain the skills.

SJC offers a limited number of day-training spots and all day training appointments (except the initial consult and transition lessons) are held on weekday mornings.

What we can cover with Day Training

**Basic Manners–sit, down, stay, leave it, greeting appropriately, etc.

**Loose Leash Walking

**Reactive Dog training

**Whistle Recall (come when called)



The Details


The first thing that happens is an Initial Consultation.  Once a client fills out our history form, we will come to you and have a lengthy and detailed conversation about the behaviors you are unhappy with, provide information about those behaviors, and work together to create some attainable goals.  At the consult, or shortly after, SJC will provide you with a suggested package plan–what we think will be necessary to be able to meet the goals you have set.

With most situations, we will have 3 lessons with the dog and 1 transfer session with the family per week.  After completing the training program, we also include 2 follow up lessons for problem solving after the training has been transferred to the owner to help maintain a successful transfer of skills.

We do accept credit cards and can offer a payment plan for our day training services.

 Contact Us for more information or to inquire about Day Training today!

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