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Group Classes

Group class

Students in Advanced/Intermediate games class play tic tac toe with dogs performing stays while owners and other students place themselves.

Group Classes

We offer a wide range in group classes that are geared toward both puppies and adults.  Our classes also range in focus from basic manners to competitive canine sports or activities!  We rotate through which classes are currently offered based on need.  You can see our current and/or upcoming group classes on our registration page or contact us if you would like to request a class.

Introductory Classes

New dog, new puppy, or new to SJC, this may be a good place to start!  Dogs learn basic skills, dogs learn how to learn, and owners learn how to effectively train their dogs.

Creative Canines

This class is all about teaching your dog/puppy to think and how to learn!  Dogs will learn how to problem solve, how to learn through shaping or capturing, and how to use their brains for the power of good (instead of the power of evil!).  Owners will learn how to effectively teach their dog through shaping and capturing.  Dogs will learn skills like go to a mat, settle calmly on the mat, greet people with four paws on the floor, hind end awareness, hand targeting, and more.  Each class dogs/puppies will be given a puzzle toy to learn how to solve, will have a big brain buster activity (problem solving activity), and will spend time learning skills.  This class is appropriate for all ages of dogs.  Dogs must be comfortable in a group class environment.  This class may include some off-leash play time depending on how the canine students match up (this would be optional)–after such strenuous brain games, play is incredibly helpful.

Clicker 101

This class is all about teaching your dog/puppy basic skills using clicker training!  Humans will learn how to effectively use a clicker or marker signal (“yes”) to teach their dog using luring, shaping, and capturing techniques.  Dogs will learn focus, sit, down, loose leash walking, impulse control (leave it), hand target, the foundation for stay/come, and how to greet people appropriately.  Dogs under 1 year old who complete this class will have the opportunity to take the Star Puppy Test and earn the Star Puppy certificate from the AKC.  This class is appropriate for all ages of dogs.  It can be a first class or a refresher course.  Dogs must be comfortable in a group class environment.

Sport Dog Foundations

This class is all about teaching the foundations you will build upon if your plan on doing competition Rally-O, Agility, Obedience, Trick Dog Training and more. A large focus on this class is learning how to shape hind end awareness, positional awareness, and precision using platforms.  Dogs may learn left pivots, left and right finishes, finding ‘heel’ position (left or right or both), and straight fronts.  Dogs may also learn how to shape a back up, a formal retrieve, tucked sit, fold back down, and kick back stand.  This class is appropriate for all ages of dogs (though young puppies may have age appropriate modifications for their physical abilities).  Dogs must be comfortable in a group class environment.



Beyond the Basics

So your pup has the basics down but you want more?  Here are some classes that may provide you direction to continue to play and learn with your dog at Success Just Clicks!

Clicker 102

This is a continuation of our Clicker 101 class where dogs will build on the skills they had learned.  Skills will be geared toward CGC/B.A. CLASS level skills.  We will more formally introduce stay and come when called and we will take our leash walking, sit, down, settle on a mat, and greeting friendly stranger skills outside or with more distractions.  Although not officially a part of the class, students may be prepared to test for the CGC or BA CLASS by the end of this class (or may choose to repeat the class to be prepared for the test).  This class is appropriate for dogs approximately 6 months and up who have mastered the skills taught in Clicker 101 (or equivalent class elsewhere, with permission).  Dogs must be comfortable in a group class environment. 

Got Tricks?!

This class is all about tricks for treats! Training tricks is an incredible way to build your bond and work your dog’s brain/body and keep them happily occupied!  Dogs may learn common tricks like spin, roll over, high five/shake, or beg.  But they may also learn tricks like Peek-a-boo, rolling out a carpet, jumping through a hoop, shutting a door, take a bow, and other fun tricks!
At the end of this class, each dog should have the opportunity to fulfill the requirements to send away for a Novice Trick Dog Title through the Do More With Your Dog organization! Dog must be comfortable working in a group class environment with dogs and people.

Rally-O–Level 1 Skills

Rally O is an incredibly fun game to play with your dog! Although it is a dog sport, it is a fantastic way to practice and enhance your dog’s basic manners!  Level 1 Rally-O skills focus on loose leash walking, sit, sit stay, down, down stay, and focus (all basic level skills but taking them to the next level!).  This class is appropriate for those interested in competition rally-o and those just wanting a new way to practice and refine basic skills! This class is appropriate for dogs approximately 6 months and up who have mastered the skills taught in Clicker 101 or higher (or equivalent class elsewhere, with permission).  Dogs must be comfortable in a group class environment. 


Specialty Classes

These are classes that may not fit in other categories.

Advanced/Intermediate Games

This class is all about fun, fun, fun! Each week we will play a variety of games that will focus on practicing and refining known skills like sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, leave it, come when called, sit for greetings and more!  The games will be using skills that are at a CGC, BA CLASS, and MA CLASS level.  We play classics like tic tac toe, jeopardy, and relays/races but also play a large number of games created by and unique to SJC like Legends of The Hidden Temple, Homerun Derby, Beer Pong (minus the beer of course!), and more! This class is appropriate for dogs 1yr or older who have solid skills at the level of CGC or BA class (certificates not required)–sit with distractions, down with distractions, stay until released, loose leash walking, etc.  Dogs must be comfortable around other dogs and people as some games have dogs/people in close quarters. 

Cooperative Care Class (low stress handling/vet visits)

In this class owners will learn about desensitization, counter conditioning, and skills you can teach your dog to improve their comfort with husbandry skills like nail trims, bathing, or grooming. We will focus on the needs of the students in class (if students are mostly there for nail trim help, we will focus on that, if they need work on vet visits, we will focus on that or split the areas of focus). We will also teach behaviors (duration nose target, putting their chin in your palm/lap, learning to like wearing a muzzle, using a scratch board, etc) that can help you provide necessary husbandry things like nail trims, ear drops, and more.
This class could be appropriate for puppies before problems develop or adult dogs who already struggle. Dogs MUST be comfortable in a classroom environment with people and other dogs.

Fabulous Focus and Crazy Control

This class is 7 weeks all about increasing handler focus and increasing your dog’s impulse control!  Does your dog struggle to pay attention to you in exciting situation? Does he snatch food or toys impulsively from your hand? Do you fail to exist if there is a squirrel in the environment?  Dogs will learn to focus on their owner as a direct response to a distraction (if they see a squirrel, the first thing they do is look to their owner) and learn to control themselves around things they want.  Owners will learn a variety of games and exercises to play to help their dog learn to choose them over the environment and to increase a dogs’ impulse control (starting with food but working up to things like remote control cars and enticing toys).  Dogs must be comfortable in a group class environment.


SJC Classes Location

We rent out North Pittsburgh Animal Behavior located in West Deer Township, on Rt. 910– 4358 Gibsonia Rd. 15044.  It is minutes from the PA turnpike and Rt. 8.  This new facility is small so class size is limited to 4 or 5 dogs (which is actually a very nice feature) and is not appropriate for reactive dogs (*well managed reactive dogs may be permitted in some classes with permission).   Sign-up and registration can be found on the Register For Class page.  Click here to learn more about our friends at North Pittsburgh Animal Behavior.


We also teach group classes for Humane Animal Rescue (formerly Western PA Humane Society).  Visit their website and look for classes taught by Tena Parker to see my current/upcoming classes there.

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