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Introduction to Rally-O–$150

Waylon and his mom learning in an Introduction to Rally-O class!

This class is all about introducing handlers and dogs to Level 1 Rally-O (World Cynosport venue, but with information on other venues available)!  Learn how to play the game, how to perform the signs, and experience the fun!  This is an intro class and is not precision based but it will be full of fun and skills you can build on!  If you want to experience this game or aren’t sure Rally is up your alley this is a great way to get started without getting into the nitty gritty details of teaching precision skills for competition.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be comfortable in a group class with other people and dogs. Dogs should have successfully passed Elementary/Middle School Manners or equivalent (should have solid sit, down, stay, focus, and loose leash walking in a class environment)


Rally Skill Building (levels 1, 2, 3)–$150

This series of classes (each level has its own class) is all about teaching all the signs for a given level of Rally-O.  Students can expect to get as detail and precision oriented as they would like in this class! Some students may focus on luring/rewarding skills with less precision, while others focus on shaping very precise behaviors–BOTH methods can result in a dog who meets the criteria to be successful in the ring, should an owner want to compete in Rally-O.

This class does NOT involve running any courses, it is simply about mastering the signs at a given level.

These classes can also be used to problem solve particular issues on signs in a given level (straightening up fronts, resolving a down on recall problem, etc).

Prerequisites:  Dogs MUST be comfortable in a group class. For level 1, dogs need to have successfully passed Elementary/Middle School Manners or equivalent (dogs should have solid sit, down, stay, loose leash walking in a class environment). For levels 2 and 3, dogs must have completed Rally Skill Building and the prior level rally class (Rally Level 1, Rally Level 2) OR have level titles already.


Rally Levels (1, 2, and 3)–$130

Each week we will set up the appropriate level rally course for students to run through. Rally Levels courses are about practicing those rally skills on full courses.  Always something new and different.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be comfortable in a group class.  Dogs must have first completed the corresponding Rally Skill Building class OR have earned a title at that level already (dogs with a level 1 title, could only sign up for Rally Level 1). Dogs who have higher titles/levels can ALWAYS work down–so they’ve completed Rally Skill Building level 3, they can take Rally Level 1 if they need to work on those skills.


Precision Skills (for Rally-O or Obedience)–$150

This class is all about precision!  Straight fronts, an understanding of stationary heel position, finding heel position reliably, and straight position changes while in heel.  If students would like work on precise position changes like tuck sits, fold back downs, or kick back stands, that can be worked into the class as well. We will be using pivot platforms and position platforms to work on teaching your dog clear understanding of these behaviors.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be comfortable in a group class with other dogs and people.  Dogs should have solid basic skills like sit, down, and attention.  Owners will be required to make or purchase platforms for class–details and instructions provided.  Cost of homemade platforms run about $10-$15 typically and take about 20 minutes to make using foam floor tiles.


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