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Odin mastered the Cavaletti trick in his Novice Trick Dog class!

Trick Dog Training! (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert classes)

We offer all 4 levels of Trick Dog titles through the Do More With Your Dog program!  Each level of class will teach tricks that will lead to a dog and handler team being able to submit their title application at that level. As the tricks become more complex in the higher levels, dogs and handler teams may need to take the class more than once to learn the necessary number of tricks (they can also practice and come back in and show off their finalized new trick without taking the class a second time).

Tena is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and can witness all levels of this program and can also witness for the AKC’s new Trick Dog program.

Prerequisites–Dogs MUST be comfortable in a group class environment.  The Novice Level class would be appropriate for any dog who has successfully passed Puppy Kindergarten/Elementary Manners or equivalent (the jump from puppy class to novice may result in needing to take the class a few times to learn the large number of tricks required, but in terms of skills, it would be great even for a young dog).  Intermediate and beyond level classes require the dog to have the title from the prior class. 


Agility Flatwork

90% of agility happens between the obstacles and this class is all about teaching the flatwork handling skills that will enable a team to navigate a course together in sync.  We will use cones, tunnels, and jumps (or just uprights) to teach dog and handler teams how to navigate together.

Skills learned:

  • Front cross
  • Rear cross
  • Blind Cross
  • Sticky handling (finding the correct side)
  • Sending to an obstacle (distance)
  • Matwork/crate games for agility
  • Restrained recalls
  • Cone games
  • Tunnels
  • Jumps (going through uprights)


Pre-requisites: Dogs MUST be comfortable in a group class environment with other dogs/handlers running and/or playing.  Dogs should have solid focus on their handler in a group class setting.  Dogs need to have successfully passed Puppy K or Elementary Manners.  This class can be modified (jump bars on the ground, puppy bumps, or low jumps) for puppies and adolescents between 16weeks and 18months.  


Advanced/Intermediate Sports and Games

Can your dog do a 2-minute down stay while you bounce ping-pong balls into red solo cups? Can they stay while those balls bounce everywhere?  That’s what this class is all about–having FUN and practicing challenging skills!  Each week we play games that will help you practice your intermediate and advanced level skills!  We play games like tic-tac-toe, non-beer pong, bowling, jeopardy, legends of the hidden temple, and many more!

We practice increasing distraction, distance, and duration for the skills dogs already know well.

Prerequisites:  Dogs need to be very comfortable in a group class environment. They should also have successfully passed our High School Manners (CGC) level class or our BA C.L.A.S.S or an equivalent elsewhere with instructor permission.  Dogs who have taken several of our Rally classes may be sufficiently prepared.

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