Sirius Training, Serious Fun!
Sirius Training, Serious Fun!

Private Training

Private Training


Private student Linus is practicing calmness in his home!

Success Just Clicks offers private in-home training for a wide variety of needs.   We have two different ‘tracks’ for our students. We offer pre-designed packages that consist of a set curriculum and cover a specific set of skills–this runs like a group class but set privately in your own home. We also offer custom training packages that are 100% customizable to teach the skills you need or to work on the behavior problems you have and not worry about things you don’t need–this option is for dogs working on behavior challenges, homes with a wide variety of training needs, or multi-dog homes where the dogs need to work on different skills.

Group classes are not for everyone or every dog.  People who have busy family schedules or who have an ever changing schedule or just prefer the one on one attention often benefit from having private training in their own homes at convenient times.  Lessons can be scheduled when everyone is home or when the children are not home (depending on what is preferred).

Alternatively, some dogs benefit from private training rather than group classes.  Fearful dogs, anxious dogs, overly excited dogs, or dogs with behavioral problems do not always thrive in group class situations.  When dogs are stressed (good or bad stress), they are not in the best state of mind for learning–so dogs who are overly stressed in classes are not primed for learning in that environment.


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