Private Training

Private Training

We offer one on one in-home training for behavior modification, basic manners, competition dog sports, and puppies!  Some dogs and their owners are better served through private training than through group classes and we can accommodate most of your needs.


private training

Tula is learning to stay on her mat and not lick the clean dishes in the dishwasher while her mom unloads them!

Not all dog training needs can be addressed through group classes, not all people can “take home” what they learn in class, and not all people have the schedules to fit in weekly group classes.  Thankfully Success Just Clicks offers private in-home training for a wide variety of needs and has a wide range in scheduling availability.

We have two different ‘tracks’ for our students.  Our most popular packages are our Custom Training Packages.  These packages consist of a set number of lessons and are 100% customizable. Students can pick and choose the exact skills they want to work on or address the specific behavior challenges they are encountering–this option is for dogs working on behavior challenges, homes with a wide variety of training needs, or multi-dog homes where the dogs all need to work on different skills.  The other ‘track’ of packages are Pre-Made Training Packages.  These packages have a set curriculum that will teach a specific set of skills–these are much like a group class but run privately and there is little flexibility in the curriculum.


Pricing–Custom Training Packages

Pricing–Pre-made Training Packages


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