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Student Testimonials

Here’s what group class students, private clients, and colleagues have to say about their experiences with Success Just Clicks Dog Training.  Our training testimonials page is always growing, so check back for updates, or feel free to submit your own experience via email!


I was so delighted when Tena chose our rescue to foster for when she decided to start sharing her skill and home with adoptable dogs. Knowing Tena for years, I had confidence in her ability to work with our rescues and help them put the best foot (paw?) forward when setting out for their new homes. My rescue takes health and animal care very seriously and would never condone anything but truly dog-friendly training methods, and I know that the care that Tena provides her foster dogs is top notch. So far, the dogs she has fostered for our organization have been very blank slate types, needing a lot of training and in some cases, desensitization and counter-conditioning, something I would only trust to someone that really understands the way dogs learn. I am grateful and proud to have someone like Tena on our team, she is a wonderful advocate for our rescue dogs and a superb trainer.
Crystal Collins, Founder, Starfish to the sea Animal Rescue


My husband and I highly recommend pet training with Tena. Our Maggie, a 2 year old Lab/Mastiff mix, is a rescue pet. She had significant fear issues when meeting new people. Maggie successfully completed 7 week group basic obedience class. She has grasp of a series of commands (sit, stay, touch, leave it and name recognition) and is progressing in off leash walking. Most importantly, we now have positive training techniques for introducing our newest family member to family, friends, and even strangers on the street.

Thanks Tena!
Chris, April and Maggie


sandy louiseTena has mastered the wonderful skill of being able to understand and communicate with dogs AND their parents!  When a training tactic seems to be obscure to the parent, Tena will take the time to explain what it will do and why it will work.  Many times, what makes sense to a dog doesn’t always make sense to a human (and vice versa); Tena does a fabulous job of deciphering all of it!
Susan and Sandy-Louise  



Tena is an excellent instructor! She is fantastic and extremely patient with my pit bull, Beaker. We both enjoyed the sports and games class, and I loved the fact that she gave us at-home games to play when the weather is bad.

Thanks Tena!
Giselle and Beaker


When my boyfriend and I decided to adopt Gus to join our little family, we were so excited! He was “obedience mandatory” but, as novices, we decided what the heck! Looking back, I’m not sure what we would have done without Tena’s thoughtful instruction and patience. While Gus is very loving (perhaps too much), he’s also very excitable and reacts to every possible distraction. Tena taught us that Gus had so much potential – we just needed to provide clear direction. We practiced with him everyday, using all of the guidance that Tena provided in her weekly classes (and the helpful weekly homework assignments). At the end of seven weeks, I’m happy to say that Gus is a happy and obedient puppy (and likely the ‘most improved’ in his class!). We were so impressed with the progress Gus made, that we decided to continue our training with Tena and are looking forward to Adult Basic 2!
Meghan Sullivan




I have a fearful dog and I was nervous about taking a class with new trainer who was unfamiliar with her special needs. I was worried for no reason! Tena has been wonderfully sensitive and accommodating of my fearful dog. My dog has made a lot of progress in her classes.

Tena is a great trainer, and classes are fun and educational for both the handlers and the dogs. It is clear that Tena is very passionate and knowledgeable about dogs. She is willing to share her opinions and advice and I value her input. 

We will definitely be taking more of Tena’s classes!
Sarah and Meika


We took our first group obedience class with Tena Parker in late 2011. Our dog, Tekla, really loved Tena (and the treats she carried!), and we humans appreciated both Tena’s commitment to her own training philosophy and to the minutiae of training individual dog handlers (critiquing exactly where we were distributing treats for loose-leash walking; pointing out exactly when and when not to reward Tekla’s behaviors).

In addition, despite it being a group setting, Tena was very attentive to individual dogs’ personalities and needs rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, which is something we’ve heard other dog owners complain about happening in group obedience classes. Tena managed not only to accommodate the needs of a class full of leash-reactive dogs by setting up opaque barriers between them, but also to pay attention to how Tekla was individually progressing in her reactivity and take down parts of the barriers when she thought Tekla was ready for it.

In short, because she is knowledgeable, competent, and attentive, we are looking forward to taking more classes with Tena in 2012 and would recommend her highly!
Kari, Julie, & Tekla


My rescue Gracie and I took the Adult 2 class with Tena at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society – and we loved it! Gracie learned lots of new skills and we both had fun doing it. It’s clear that Tena enjoys what she does, and she’s able to find the motivation that each dog needs. We can’t wait for our next class!
Sandra with Gracie


Albus and HarryHarry, Albus and I first met Tena through her classes at the Western PA Humane Society.  The boys loved her positive teaching style, and I appreciated her “this should be fun” approach and her careful monitoring of our pups.  As the proud mom of two senior gentlemen, their brains would be fried by the end of class and Tena often encouraged us to just relax instead of pushing past the point of frustration.

When a work emergency left me with no other options, Tena stepped in to walk the boys during the day.  I was so relieved to have zero doubts about the quality of their care, and she was very reliable and communicative.  Her careful notes even helped give me warning signs for what later turned out to be a ruptured disc for Albus.  There’s no way I would have gotten this level of care, attention and professional training if I had tried to call a college kid or a random youngster in the neighborhood.  My dogs’ safety and comfort is worth every penny, and their happiness is without question – the attached picture was taken during their Tena Time the other day!

Thank you again, Tena!
Melissa, Harry and Albus


barkleyWe have three dogs and Barkley is our youngest. My two older ones were adopted only a month apart and are only three months apart in age. They were inseparable but not dependent on each other.When Barkley was adopted several years later…he seemed to constantly follow each of the older ones around. Until we took Tena’s class, we really didn’t see that he wasn’t so much following along with the pack, he was actually quite nervous to be by himself. She helped us recognize the signs of stress that weren’t as obvious such as the yawning and panting. With her expert advise, we moved our training focus to be on building confidence and doing things by himself.Tena’s website and blogs have also continued to give tips. She also remembers her students and was nice enough to give us some quick tips when we saw her at later dog events.We definitely recommend her if you want to learn positive techniques from someone very knowledgeable and caring.
Carolyn and Mike – Barkley’s parents


I’ve taken several classes with Tena (Teen Time, Adult I and II, and BA), and I’ve been consistently impressed.  We adopted a very sweet but high energy lab/boxer/terrier mix with impulse control issues, and she has made so much progress in class.  I really like that Tena adapts the classes based on how the dogs are doing.  Dogs that are a little ahead get more challenging tasks, and Tena always has helpful suggestions when dogs are struggling a bit.  She also provides good feedback for the handlers (because let’s face it – the handlers are being trained too).  I highly recommend her classes!
Kimm and Lainie


weatherby I highly recommend Success Just Clicks. Tena is knowledgable, patient, and fun! I appreciated that she took the time to ask thoughtful questions about what was going on with my dog and what we had tried previously. She was able to try multiple strategies to work with him and left clear handouts after each lesson (which was great, since it was a lot of info to absorb!). She also showed a real commitment to customer service and professionalism. I have been able to continue to use the tools and techniques she equipped me with to work with my dog and see improvement. I would encourage anyone not to wait, but to invest the time and resources to address behaviors. Having a dog who is safer, happier, and better behaved is well worth it for both of you!
Zoe and Weatherby


JubJub and Penny Tena Parker, part dog trainer and part miracle worker.  We adopted a 10 week old puppy back in January not knowing the issues he was going to have.  The world is very hard for our anxious pup.  After going to puppy classes we knew that we needed more help.  This was no ordinary dog.

Tena has been working with us since May 2014.  After many tears and not knowing if we were going to be able to save this dog, Tena, with her enormous knowledge base, has given us the tools to work with him at home and outside in the big world.  Whenever there is a problem I know that help in only an email or phone call away. We now have a dog that is excited when people come to our house and enjoys being petted by people other than ourselves.  Is our dog a typical “good dog”, no, but he is 100% better and is well on his way to becoming a good dog.  We will continue to work with Tena knowing how far our pup has come and how much farther he can go.  We could never have accomplished this without Tena’s help.

Thank you, Thank you for saving our pup!”
Lori and JubJub!



Tena helped me immensely with managing my dog Laika’s reactivity. We first took a class with Tena at the Humane Society and then private lessons. When I walked Laika around our neighborhood, she would lunge, growl, and snarl at other dogs. Laika is my first dog and initially I had no idea what reactivity was. It was scary and stressful, to say the least. Tena’s class was helpful because it gave me tools I could use on our walks. But it is with the private training that Laika and I really made great progress. The reactivity had stressed me out and upset me so much that I often froze up and forgot to use those tools I learned in class. Having Tena at our side to help us made such a difference and especially helped me become more confident with handling Laika, so that she could make progress too. Laika can get much closer to other dogs without having a reaction.  I have learned so much about how to understand Laika’s physical and other cues that let me know when she can or cannot handle getting closer to another dog. Laika has far fewer reactions and is in general much happier and less stressed on our walks (as am I). I wholeheartedly recommend Tena to anyone who needs help with their dogs.
Kara and Laika




I adopted 2 year old Walter from Biggies Bullies and was so excited to welcome him into my home. Since he was young and a new dog to me, I took obedience lessons with Tena at Success Just Clicks. At our initial meeting, we talked about Walter’s behavior, lifestyle, and areas for improvement. At the conclusion of our 6 week session, we covered all of the areas of concern that we discussed and I was left with the tools I needed to maintain a well behaved dog. Tena showed me that I have a pretty smart pup who just needs a little patience to get started but is anxious to learn and eager to please. I am very happy with the results of the classes and Walter absolutely loved when Tena came to the house. It may of had something to do with the hot dog filled pouch attached to her hip but I know he also enjoyed all the attention he got from her. Thank you for helping Walter and I learn how to communicate. And sorry for all the drool he left you! You can continue to follow his progress on Instagram @WaltersHead.
Walter and Abby


Despite having already owned two rescue pups, and considering ourselves fairly experienced dog owners, my husband and I were not actually prepared for the fear issues our newest rescue, Mr. Gibbs, had developed. At only a year old, he hadn’t been given the opportunity to be a puppy without repercussions in his past, and therefore didn’t behave like a “normal dog”. For Mr. Gibbs sake, we knew we needed a professional, and that is exactly what we got in Tena – and more! She understood how he was acting and was able to train both him and my husband and I to be able to read each other, creating an interactive relationship that almost immediately changed his demeanor and the quality of life for our family. Mr. Gibbs was able to relax and learn how to be a dog again, and at the same time Tena equipped us with training skills we have been able to use in a variety of new situations since our initial meetings. Tena is knowledgeable, intuitive, and extremely adept at providing training that is both specific to a particular situation and applicable for future training needs. We will turn to her again and again!
Gita, Josh, and Mr. Gibbs! 


WaylonWe just completed the Advanced Brain Busters class instructed by Tena at the WPHS.

Let me start by saying that the class was just awesome. Having only participated in obedience structured classes, my pup Waylon and I weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Tena’s ability to connect with the dog /owner team really lends itself to a whole new experience when it comes to learning and bonding with your pet.

She introduced some scent working practices in class. I really appreciated Tena’s patience and ability to explain the expected behavior. Watching Waylon work through the steps and really start to understand what I was asking him to do was really neat.  Seeing him detect on the right container and look up at me to indicate made me feel so proud.    If you are looking for a unique and fun way to bond with your dog, I really recommend taking this class.  It was a blast!
Toni and Waylon

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