Tuesday Timeout

It is such a rare occurrence that I’m actually able to get photographs with my own dogs. Photography has been a passion of mine for years. I built a darkroom in my basement years ago, worked in the darkrooms as a technician when I was in college, and was the photo editor of the college newspaper. I am always the chick with the camera (shocking right?) and so rarely have someone to snap pictures of me (especially photos I may like to add on a business blog!).

Well the other day it was nearly 70 degrees and my mom and Bandit came with me and my pups for a hike at the farm. Lighting was a little intense but it was bright enough to avoid camera shake. So I put the camera on all auto and put my mom where I wanted her and myself and my pups where I wanted and she nicely snapped some photos of me with the pups!

So happy after a hike!

Say it together now... AWWWW!

Such a happy boy!!

This happened by accident the first time and I didn't look as happy.
I really like this one!

  1. Nice. I find that I have a ton of pictures of my dogs, but none of me with my dogs. Need to remedy this problem.

  2. love that last picture – hilarious that they’re both perched on your back like parrots 🙂

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