Tugs By Tena… Contest Winners!!

I don’t know if timing is just that freakishly connected or what, but as I announced this contest I got a giant wholesale order to make.  I have been busily braiding, and cutting, and tying, and packaging for the last week … to get 1/2 the order finished.  I’m finishing the last half this week with just as much cutting, braiding, tying, etc.  It is quite the challenge to keep all the tugs fur-free (or as close to that as possible) in this 6 critter household so lots of vacuuming and dusting for the last week as well.  I can’t help but laugh as Shayne and Rio watch me making these tugs and then pout as they get put up and out of their reach.

With this big order (and two more small orders also came in this week), I ask my contest winners to bear with me for a little while so I can catch up with the tug making.  On that note, my fleece supply has nearly completely switched over from what is listed on my Etsy store, once I have things under control, I’ll show you the patterns and colors I have available to choose from!

To make the selections I used random.org to pick two random numbers, I then went through the chronological list of comments and found the corresponding comments (only the first post on a thread by an individual was entered).  Each “first comment” was given a number (in the order that they were posted over the course of the week [someone could post yesterday on the CONTEST blog from last week, and it would get a high number even though it was on the very first entry]) and BAM… I found the winners.

Are you dying with anticipation yet?  How about now?  Thank you everyone who entered and commented, I had fun reading all the comments AND getting to respond to everyone! How about now?  Okay… here we go…








YAYYYYYY!!!! Congrats to a regular reader (i think) and commenter!

CONGRATS to another regular reader!!!!

If the winners could drop me an email (successjustclicks@gmail.com) that would rock!

Again, thank you to all who entered… keep an eye out for a treat pouch contest in the near future (need to get through these tug orders)!

  1. Congrats on getting such a large order.

  2. YAY! Congrats Donna and Lexy!!! 🙂

    And that is quite a big order you have there 😉 Lol

  3. Congrats Donna and Lexy!!

  4. Awww, man! I didn’t win. Boooo. I guess that means I have to fork out that money. 😛

    Congrats on all your huge orders! That’s pretty fantastic.

  5. Way cool! That’s awesome that you got a big order. Of course I’ll be patient. (Not so sure about my Lab though LOL!) And yes, I’m a regular reader – yours is a great blog with lots of tips – even have you on my blog-roll.

  6. I look at that pile and think “what a pretty quilted dog bed that could be”…… now you’re giving me ideas and I still have tons of fleece from black Friday. A tug is actually on my list of crafts to try, but yours are so nice I might just have to figure out a way to justify ordering one.

  7. We got our tug today — thank you so much! Can’t wait to get Toby playing with it on video so we can share it with everyone.

  8. Hey Tena,

    Finally got around to allowing Toby to open his new tug and video it for you. Check it out here:

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