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(these dates may not be the current vacation dates, current dates reflected in the automatic email that was sent to you)

SJC is on vacation!

So you must’ve emailed SJC while we are on vacation and unable to reliably check email or voicemail!  We appreciate your inquiry and look forward to working with you and emailing with you upon our return!  We wanted to provide you with information and instructions that we would typically send in an email so that you can move forward on your own if you would like (though you can certainly wait for our return to civilization).  We will be unburying ourselves from the mound of emails upon our return, working backwards from earliest to most recent emails in our inbox.




We have two “tracks” of private training–Custom Private Lessons  and Pre-Designed Packages.

Custom private lessons are our most popular training option as it provides our clients with a completely custom and unique experience–we work on the issues and behaviors that are important to them and create custom behavior plans to meet there needs.  Custom lessons are completely flexible–they are often more narrow in focus (only these 3 issues) but are very in depth in the level of training.

Pre-Designed Packages are packages that have a set curriculum that do not allow for much flexibility–so you learn the things that the curriculum has planned (much like a group class, but individual and in your home).  Pre-designed packages cover a lot of material and a lot of behaviors, but are not as thorough.

People with new dogs just wanting an overview of basics, or people wanted to train for CGC (and who already have a decent background) find these options perfect for their needs, but those who have a few specific issues that need worked on in a very in depth manner are better served with custom in-home lessons.

Custom Private Lesson Pricing 2017

Pre-Designed Training Packages

You do NOT need to commit to a package prior to scheduling your initial consult (you can certainly have an idea of what you are interested in).  Once we have a better idea of the issues and your goals, I will give you my recommendation and we will go from there.

You can also find a list of our upcoming group classes held at a location in Gibsonia on our website.


So, you want to move forward with private Training with SJC

Step 1:

Make sure you are within our service area (this map is approximate we base our service area on actual driving miles).  If you are unsure, please send us an email with a nearby cross-street or landmark so we can determine if you are in our service area.


Step 2:

Fill out the appropriate history form found on this web page (for separation anxiety cases, please hang on until I return so we can talk about that separately).

Behavior Modification form should be filled out for any dog who has behavioral concerns–resource guarding, nervousness with guests, any type of aggression, dogs and babies concerns, reactivity (barking/lunging/whining/pulling) toward people/dogs while on walks, dog to dog aggression, barking in a concerning manner towards people or visitors, shy dogs, very fearful dogs, anxious dogs, growling at guests, or other behavioral concerns.

Basic Training form should be filled out for dogs who are simply working on basic training like sit, down, stay, not jumping on guests (in a friendly manner), walking nicely on leash (no issues barking at people or dogs), new puppies, or other dogs just working on manners.

If you are unsure which to fill out, you can either wait until I return and discuss or fill out the Behavior Modification form as best as you can!


Step 3:

Once you submit that form, you will automatically be redirected to my calendar and you can pick a day/time for your initial consult and submit your deposit to reserve your Initial Consultation time slot.

If you submitted your form but couldn’t pick a time slot at that moment, you can find our calendar here and can select Initial Consult and then pick day/time.


We appreciate your patience as you await correspondence upon our return!  We do encourage you to reach out if it has been more than a week since our return and you haven’t heard from us!  We are a one person show and sometimes emails get lost in the mix!

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