Well Trained Dogs Can Do More Contest!

 Well Trained Dogs Can Do More Contest!

We know that we have some of the BEST students (dogs and humans) out there and we want to reward our hard working students and brag about their great accomplishments with everyone!  We also want to encourage our students to get back into school and set some training goals!  What better way than to reward goal setting and goal achieving with a super fun contest!  By participating you could win 1 free SJC group class or a 1hr private lesson (if you are in our service area) or a 1hr skype session.

Who: Current or former SJC students (private or group classes) or frequent students in Tena’s classes at WPHS (or those who become students during the contest period). Even our behavioral students who may not be candidates for CGC or in-person dog sports have the chance to earn titles through the Do More With Your Dog trick training program!  You just need a witness to view your tricks!

When: From 8/10/17 through 12/31/17  (titles/certificates must be earned during these dates)

What:  Every SJC student who earns a Canine Good Citizen certificate, a BA/MA/PhD in the CLASS program, a Trick Dog Title (AKC or through Do More With Your Dog), or a title in another sport can be entered into a contest to win a free group class or 1-hr private lesson.

How:  Students who pass a CGC/BA/MA/PhD test with SJC can automatically be entered into the contest. Students who earn these with a different tester or earn another title in a sport must submit proof via email of that new title/certificate and we will enter them into the contest (be sure to include your name and your dog’s name who earned the title).

Details and Restrictions:
*To enter you must be a current or prior student (or become a student during the contest period) and they must be 18yrs+.

*The group class certificate is ONLY good for SJC classes, NOT WPHS classes.

*For the Private Lesson, you MUST be in our service area, or we can offer a skype/video lesson in exchange.  For safety, the topic for the private lesson cannot include human or dog directed aggression or reactivity (unless already currently a client working on those things privately). If the winner chooses the Private lesson, they will be responsible for filling out all required forms.

*The certificate for a class/private lesson will expire 12/31/18.

*Students can earn 1 entry per new title per dog!  So if in these several months your dog earns 3 new titles with two different dogs, you can earn 3 entries as long as you submit proof of those titles.

*Students can earn 1 EXTRA entry for emailing SJC a photo of your dogs with their certificate or ribbon or doing the activity that you give us permission to share (only 1 extra entry per dog who earned a new title, regardless of number of photos).

*Students can earn 1 EXTRA entry by sharing a photo of your dog with their certificate or their ribbon on your Instagram or your Facebook wall and tagging us in the photo along with using #welltraineddogscandomore tag.  We will comment or like your post so you know we saw it and have added another entry to your name (only 1 extra entry per new title regardless of number of photos–so if yo’ve earned 3 new titles, you can earn up to 3 extra entries if you tag us with the hashtag in 3 different posts).

*The qualifying certificates or sports include: CGC, BA/MA/PhD in CLASS, obedience, rally-o, agility, nosework, barn hunt, parkour, disc dog, freestyle dancing, treibbal, trick dog titles (Do More With Your Dog venue or AKC), or parkour.  We will not accept any bitework sports (even if the title is just an obedience or tracking portion).

*We will generate spread sheet of entries (based on the order of submitted entries and bonus entries) and then use a random number generator to select the winner!

*We will post the winner on FB and contact them via email!

*Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

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