What I dream about…

When I fall asleep each night, I dream about having my dogs sufficiently worked for them to nap nicely during the day with me.  I don’t ask for a lot but I really do like to have some down time when my dogs aren’t going nuts and throwing toys at me.  So these are the images I dream about and long for… sleepy puppies…

Sleepy Rio... yes his paw is behind his head...

Look at that sleepy puppy... doesn't it just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Uhh... yeah, Rio is that kind of special. He sleeps in these crazy positions!

sleepy Shayne was dreaming when I snapped this one! So cute!

Rio is actually asleep like this... he likes to nibble his waist and fall asleep with it in his mouth LOL!

Shayne falling asleep sitting up... <3 sleepy puppies!

  1. yep, sleepy puppies if one of the best things around.. Mine seem to do this for me whether worked enough or not. Guess that’s the upside of having a lab and a 3 year old vizsla. Trying to decide where to take them right now to wear them out on my day off.
    Have a great day

  2. I love Rio and his sleeping positions <3

  3. Rio is such a clown! I love tired dogs as well- nothing like a little snoring while I’m doing laundry. Skye is also a gymnast sleeper, gotta love it!

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