Why it's hard… owning a ….CAT?!

I heard this mysterious crunching noise coming from the other room–it sounded like someone trying to chew the top of a soda-pop bottle.  I looked around and counted one…two…three…four dogs…. for a change it couldn’t be one of them.  But what the heck would a cat be chewing that makes that type of plastic crunching noise?

I knew right away, that regardless of what was being chewed, it was being chewed by Jefferson.  He is the epitome of naughty…. like all the time and neither of my elderly cats chew plastic.  Jefferson, on the other hand, is a plastic connoisseur–plastic ziplock bags, wrappers to food items, cereal bags, laminated paper, even plastic wall hooks.  He doesn’t eat them just chew them and destroy them.

Listening to the crunching noise for a few seconds I was completely baffled and got up to see what the heck he was chewing.  Apparently Jefferson didn’t want me taking notes on my dog walking clients anymore because he destroyed my dog walking notebook (where I write all my information during the first visit).


  1. Haha. One of the best things about pets is that when they are “bad,” while it’s frustrating at the time, it’s usually pretty funny/amusing later. I guess Jefferson didn’t want the dogs to have all the fun 🙂

  2. well… maybe he was just trying extreme-flossing 🙂 he’s just trying to keep sharp!

  3. I feel your pain! Tanner and Finn were/are way more destructive and mischievous than either of the dogs ever were!

  4. That looks like wire more than plastic — Jefferson’s new favorite, perhaps? Haha. Naughty boy!

  5. What a little weirdo! 🙂 At least he doesn’t eat the stuff he’s chewing, or you’d have big problems!

  6. Cats are just awful. I had to install child safety locks on the cabinets under my kitchen sink not to keep the dogs out of the trash, but to keep the cats out.

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