Wordless Wednesday

I must say that Shayne is making friends easier and easier these days, even with other female dogs. This past weekend we got together with our canine friend Meika for some off-leash romping and there was not a single snarky moment! AWESOME!

All three after playing at the pond!

All three can run and play since we had plenty of toys!

All three lounging in the shade after running in the sun.

Meika looming over Shayne who isn’t worried at all… even after Meika had been sniffing!

Meika trying to muscle the ball from Shayne … all Shayne did was give a growl! So proud of her! Meika doesn’t know how to swim and wouldn’t go in the water and desperately wanted a ball LOL!!

  1. Awesome to see this and know how far Shayne has come. Meika is gorgeous!

  2. What happy dogs! It’s great to see Shayne so relaxed, especially when there is a hot resource like a ball around. She has come so far, even since I first started reading your blog. You must be so proud.

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