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Sirius Training, Serious Fun!

Wordless Wednesday

Success Just Clicks offers a small number of dog-walking slots. We only do one-on-one dog walks (you won’t catch me walking 10 dogs at a time down the city streets!) but we offer ‘social walks’ for dogs who like other dogs and may enjoy the company. If I think it will be a good fit, I’ll bring Shayne or Rio to walk with the dog if their guardians request.

Recently, dog walking client, James Bond started walking with Shayne or Rio as a “rain buddy” (he really hates walking in rain and often refuses to potty). ANYHOW, the other day I had Shayne and Rio with me on the way to another appt and it was a little warm to leave one in the car so I figured I’d walk all three since they all have pretty good leash manners.

(Nice loose leashes right!)

Today when I went to walk James Bond, he walked to my car and started staring in the window looking for his friends–it took quite a bit of cajoling getting him to move along. Awww! So cute!

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  1. “Social walks” not “pack walks.” My friend is a dog walker and the latter term drives her nuts when people ask her about her services. We all know where they got it from… She uses the word “group” but I think I like “social” even better.

    James Bond is such a great name too!

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