Wordless Wednesday Agility Trial

Before Risa had to go home, we snapped a picture of all three pups hanging out!

  1. Hey, I know those dogs! Glad you had a fun weekend! Also – how freaking cute is Rio? I just LOVE that dog!

  2. Hah, the barking is back. Silly Rio. 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this before, but I know you’ve trained Shayne in agility, too, so will Shayne ever trial? Or is it purely recreational for her?

  3. Yay agility, how fun!

    The picture of all three of them together is just darling.

  4. I love how many different course types there are in the US. Colors, Full House, Wild Card, I’ve never heard of any of those! Also, it’s not fair your dogs don’t have to do a full down on the table. Not fair at all. 😉

    Love the videos, though. Rio looked so cute when he went to say hello to the woman. 🙂

    • We trialed in CPE which has so many fun games (NADAC has some fun game-like classes too i think, and they run trials in Canada)! The table isn’t in standard at all, it’s ONLY at time-stopper in the games, they just need to touch the table to stop time. Which I LOVE because Rio has a habit of flying off the table 🙂

      He’s such a social boy! I can’t wait to see Shiva running!

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