101 Things To Do With a Box

101 Things To Do With A Box

Looking for a fun winter-time activity to burn some mental and physical energy with out freezing your toes off outside or making Fido get too amped up on the house?  Have you ever thought about playing with a box?  101 things to do with a box is a game that is extremely fun for some dogs (and extremely challenging for others).

Yesterday morning I played this game with Linus for the first time to feed him his breakfast and he was quite the natural!  I didn’t get video of that session but I did get video of his dinner time game.  By the end of his dinner he was hot and panting from all of the hard work.  He then slept peacefully for a few hours and left me alone to do my work!

When I played with Linus, he was clicked for repeating the same behavior  (especially to start so he had lots of success to build confidence) but eventually stopped clicking to encourage him to try something else.  The very first session I clicked/treated his head dipping toward the box and ended up shaping him to nose-target the bottom of the box–which is the same behavior he started with during his dinner training sessions.

I hope you enjoy the video and that it gives you a good idea of some fun games you can play with Fido!



How creative is your dog?  Does he try new things easily or does he get frustrated easily?  Shayne gets frustrated easily with this game and is not terribly creative–she’s like clock work, she gets in the box (or front two feet in if it’s small) and then barks/play growls at me for at least a minute or two before tipping the box and then trying to stand on the box.  Oh silly Shayne!

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  1. I’m going to have to bring home a box from work today and try this with my new cat.

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