A break in the seriousness–a silly trick

Let’s take a break from all the talk of punishment and of dog bite prevention to smile at my ridiculous dogs doing ridiculous things.

I did a shaping lesson with Shayne about a week ago and she offered this really cute foot stamping behavior because she was frustrated (it’s been a while since we did shaping) and so I started clicking the foot stamps. Well the foot stamps were starting to include some backwards movement so I decided to shape that into this funny shimmying backwards.

At the end of the video, Rio shows off his newest trick–sit pretty. It’s taken quite a while for him to get this trick. I think some of it was his crazy structure–he had to spend time building up the muscles needed to support his big chest. He’s finally starting to get it and it’s sooo cute! He reminds me of his friend Risa who always used her feet when sitting pretty!


  1. Neat. I think you need to capture that sitting backwards shimmy as well!

  2. I wasn’t expecting the belly on the floor for the shimmy! SO CUTE.

  3. Risa does a similar shimmy but hers is seated. šŸ˜‰ LOVE Shayne’s new trick. I think Rio studied Risa’s sit pretty. Or maybe, since they have similar structures, they need to get their feet involved to balance properly.

    Or they’re simply learning how to use their feet more and more so that they can, eventually, take over!

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