APDT CLASS Evaluation

APDT C.L.A.S.S. Evaluation


Sandy Louise performing a down-stay while her mom and I talk (about her as always)

Sandy Louise performing a down-stay while her mom and I talk (about her as always)

WPHS has set the date for the very first APDT Canine Life And Social Skills BA level evaluation in Pittsburgh!

We will only be offering the BA level exam this time around (since we are the first in the area to offer CLASS, we don’t expect folks to be ready for the Master’s exam) but will be expanding to MA, and PhD degrees in the future!

Who: Anyone who feels they are ready to take the B.A. Level C.L.A.S.S. exam.  You did NOT have to take a C.L.A.S.S. class prior to the test, if you think your dog has the necessary skills, or just want to get an evaluator’s feed back on what skills you need to work on to pass, you are welcome to register for the evaluation.

What: Bachelor’s Degree C.L.A.S.S. Evaluation

Where:  Western PA Humane Society–Classroom A

When:   February 23rd  11am-3pm  (*this time may change a bit–there is a TDI test scheduled in the AM which may be cancelled, which will open up earlier spots).  Students must register for a specific time slot to prevent over-crowding in the hallways while people wait to test.

Why: To earn your BA level degree which shows your dog has C.L.A.S.S. (a strong foundation in training that is helpful for day to day life and interactions).

How much: $20 (the price is not 100%finalized, but will not be more than $20).  Remember, the profit goes to the animals at WPHS!


Before the test:

There are no classes your dog has to have taken BUT, you MUST be registered online at www.mydoghasclass.com in the “student” section.  You then must register your dog(s) for the BA level exam–the cost is about $5/dog (there is a $5 fee per dog per level you register for–this helps offset the cost of administration work done by the program since they nicely do all the admin work instead of the evaluators).  Handlers must also pass a short online test prior to the BA level exam (it asks questions in the areas of responsible dog ownership and care, canine body language and communication, and caning behavior and training–there is a study guide available in the student handbook available online).   Handlers must also have their veterinarian fill out and sign the vet form prior to the BA level test (this is not a vaccine requirement, it’s all about making sure your dog has been provided with appropriate veterinary care as suggested by your vet).


What to bring:

  • Your Student ID # and your dog’s ID number
  • Signed veterinary certificate (BA level only)
  • Appropriate collar/harness (front hook harness OKAY for BA level only)
  • 6ft leash (no retractable leashes)
  • Poop bags
  • Water bowl (optional)
  • Training treats (required if your dog has special dietary needs, optional otherwise)
  • A mat or a bed for your dog to relax on
  • A toy or chew item for the settle and drop/give skills
  • Evaluation fee (if not pre-paid online)
  • Your dog
  • A positive attitude


BA level Skills

1. Wait at the door–dogs must wait at the door while it is opened until released by the handler to enter the room.

2. Come and Leashing up Manners–dogs must recall to their handlers from 10ft and the handler must be able to reattach the leash in a timely manner (sit not required for leashing up in BA).

3. Loose Leash Walking and Attention–dogs will loose leash walk around 2 cones set 20ft apart (loose leash defined as no tension on the leash and dog within 2ft of handler) and before, during, or after the loose leash walking, the dog must give 2 seconds of eye contact to the handler

4. Meet and Greet–dog must sit/stand/down next to their handler as a friendly stranger approaches.  Stranger will ask to pet your dog, the handler can say: “Yes, ”  “No, but you can give him a treat,” or “No, he’s shy/in training/not feeling great, thanks for asking” (or something like this).

*Bonus 1*–Dog performs one of the following tricks: Spin, Paw, Rollover, Fetch, or Speak  (bonuses are OPTIONAL–if you are successful with both bonuses and you pass the exam, your dog earns a “B.A. With Honors”

5. Leave it–Handler walks dog past 3 items on the floor (5ft off the center of the line the handler will walk), items may be toys, chews, random objects, or food items

6. Wait for the food bowl–Handler cues a sit/down/wait while they place a food bowl with treats on the ground a few feet away from the dog–dog must wait until released to get the food from the bowl.

7. Stay— 1 minute sit/down stay next to the handler while the handler has a casual conversation with the evaluator (dog must remain in the position it started, sit or down)

8.  Settle— Dogs show their ability to relax on cue.  Handlers can choose to have their dog settle (lay down) on a mat, on the floor or in a crate for 1 minute–dogs may be given a chew item to help them relax if desired.  Dog can shift but not get up from the down.

9. Give/Take–Handler will give the dog a chew item, or toy to play with–after the dog has engaged with the item for a few seconds the handler will ask the dog to leave it/drop it/out, the handler will then TAKE the item and give the dog a treat or other toy. *dog must engage with the item without the handler playing with it–so find a toy/chew your dog will interact with independently .

*Bonus 2*–Dog performs any other trick he/she knows other than the one performed in Bonus 1.  Handler must explain the trick to the evaluator first.  (optional)

For the details and scoring criteria for each behavior, check out the Student Handbook, available on mydoghasclass.com


Registration for the first BA C.L.A.S.S evaluation is not yet online but will be shortly!  When it is, I’ll post again and add a link to the registration!
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