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First, a piece of business:

Registration for my Mind Your Manners Class will CLOSE tomorrow!!

If you would like more information on the Mind Your Manners Class, you can read this blog post from a few weeks ago. If you would like a registration form, please email me at OR use the contact us feature on the website.

Over the weekend, a local used bookstore had a 20% off sale (woot!). I actually drove to two different locations searching their pet/dog sections looking for awesome finds. This has become a pretty regular occurrence but was more exciting this weekend because of the extra discount (all books at this store are priced at least 50% off the list price but add the 20% and it’s extra enticing).

Well, after 6 months of accumulating new books, I decided I needed to do an inventory of my books because I know I have multiple copies of some of my ‘go to’ books but never remembered which ones and how many. I try to keep extra copies of my favorite books on hand to loan out, give as prizes, or to sell if others would like a copy but can’t justify the book at full price (or just want a good deal).

So, I took a few hours to collect most of my canine/training books and to create an inventory list of all the books I currently have (or all of the ones I easily found, I know I’m missing a few others that are probably in bags I took on trips). I laid out all of the books in piles by author and was a little bit shocked by just how many books I have…

(click to see full-sized image)

I stacked books by the same author together so I could more efficiently input them into my inventory list and get them put on my shelf in some order but couldn’t help but snap a picture of the books taking over the bed!

So, how many of these (and which ones) have YOU read? Any that you haven’t read? I’d publish my list of books but I figured that’d be too much LOL!

  1. I love Control Unleashed! I actually just lent it to my friend, Jan, who runs You Go Little Dog.

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