Busy at Tugs By Tena

Holy cow, it must be coming up on agility season or some such fun because I’ve gotten lots of tug orders in the last week–6 orders for a total of 40 tugs. So, I’ve been braiding and braiding and braiding! Tug making is a surprising workout! I never realize the amount of muscle work that goes into my tugs until I have to make quite a few of them in a short amount of time. My forearms simply burn after a day of tug making and my fingers are stiff and sore.

My tugs are braided incredibly tightly (one of the things that sets my tugs apart from others) and in order to achieve the tight “stitches” I have to tightly pull each strand during every “stitch”. Grasping and pulling tight very thin objects become difficult after a while! And who would have thought that soft fleece could cause blisters! HAHA!

Anyhow, that’s the reason for the lack of post for today… I’m lucky that I can still type!

Below are some of the tugs being tagged and shipped tomorrow!

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