Classes at a new venue potentially

It looks like I may have found another venue to offer Success Just Clicks training classes! Nothing is set in stone, but if there is interest, I’ll move forward in scheduling.

This facility IS a little bit out of the way, about 35 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and 15 from Monroeville in Irwin, PA, but is a really fantastic place. If you’ve seen any of the agility videos I’ve posted with Rio, that is where we’ll be training. It has fantastic flooring, great big open space, and lots and lots of potential for a wide array of classes. I know it’s a bit of a drive, I make the trip weekly for Rio’s agility class.

I am looking at starting classes in July and I’m planning on offering a Level 2 Manners class (smilar to Adult Basic 2 from WPHS) and either Sports and Games or a Level 1 Manners class depending on the interest.

If there is interested in either of these classes please email me ( ) or leave a comment. There seems to be enough interest for a level 2 class but I’m looking to see what type of other class people may be interested in.

The sooner I know the number of people interested, the sooner I can work with the facility to schedule the class in stone. It looks like it may be a Tuesday or Thursday evening so you can check your schedules.

Here’s a video of Rio doing agility in the facility so you can get a look at the facility.

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