Congrats to my Recent Graduates

Here are some of my recent graduates from Adult Basic 1 and Adult Basic 2. Unfortunately, I get too busy and rarely remember to snap photos of everyone.

Congratulations to my recent Adult Basic 1 graduates:

Jimmy, Gus, Barkley, Brady, Luke, Porter, Jules, Booster, Lucy, Ripley, Maggie, Mollie, Zetta, Bandit, Bruce, and Max.

Congratulations to my recent Adult Basic 2 graduates:

Maggie, Gus, Layla, Tekla, Dexter, Meika, and Nehemiah

Jimmy AB 1

Brady AB 1

Maggie AB 2 (with her pre-class Kong)

Tekla AB2

Dexter AB 2 (Brady's brother)

1 Comment
  1. You are so silly. To think you have to tell us that Dexter and Brady are brothers. It’s OBVIOUS! Look at them. 2 peas in a pod. Cut from the same cloth. Mirror images of each other. (BTW, this should be read with with a touch of humor and a giggle to boot, heeheehee)
    Congratulations graduates. Where are the morter boards?

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