Happy (almost) Gotcha Day Rio!!!

Rio’s Gotcha Day is on Sunday and I will be posting a special post for him.  I wanted to post a photo tribute to my little man a day in advance but since I will be competing at a winter frisbee competition, Arctic Air Games, on Saturday, I’m pushing the photos a day early!  I hope you enjoy!


Rio's very first picture in his new home!

His very first picture in his new home.  He was pretty scared of all the traffic near my apartment…but loved watching the squirrels!


Clearly making himself at home on his first day home!

I would take note of his ears… as we travel through time, they will be ALLLL over the place!


Second day home playing in the hallway
Second or third day home (note TWO floppy ears)
Day three or four.. nomming a DVD!
Probably day four or five…
Probably about a month after i had him… (note the REALLY wonky ears! One tipped backwards and one rose)
Just over a month-ish
A few months in his new home!
A few months in his new home
About 6 months in his new home!
He has a happy!! 6 months or so in his new home
About 7 or 8 months in his new home!
Learning to swwiiiimm! (6 or 7 months)
10 Months in his new home–this is probaby one of my FAVORITE photos!
11.5 months in his new home…. look at my handsome man all dressed up!!!

Photos from his frisbee competition on the day before his Gotcha day will be added in the next post!  Thanks for going on this photographic journey with me… he’s been such an amazing little man… he has really completed my family!

  1. Happy (early) Gotcha Day, Rio! It’s been so much fun watching you grow up.

  2. What a great series of photos!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Awesome entry, Tena!
    Quite a transformation, for sure.
    Congrats Rio!

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