Happy Thanksgiving (in a Kong)

Although I had not intended on posting today… I was inspired to share a Kong recipe I just put together using all sorts of fun ingredients!

Thanksgiving Feast in a Kong

  • **A mini marshmallow (to clog the hole at the bottom)
  • **A spoonful of homemade sweet potato pie (or plain pumpkin for our health conscious pups)
  • **Plenty of turkey chunks
  • **Some fresh green beans
  • An entire Thanksgiving feast jammed into one Kong!

    One great way to not waste any of your left overs is to use them to stuff Kongs. Tiny turkey scraps, the last spoonful of cranberry sauce, pieces of ham, mashed potatoes, etc. Make sure there are no turkey bones, make sure you don’t overload on too many salty/seasoned things in one kong, if you are unsure of the safety of an ingredient for dogs research it to be sure, and if you use a lot of garlic in something you may not want to put it in your Kongs or just use a little bit in with a more bland recipe.

    Shayne and Rio say “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Now give us those Kongs!”

    1. Those look like fantastic holiday Kongs! Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

    2. Those actually look pretty tasty… The question is, how long did it take them to empty them out?

      • It actually took them quite a while because the sweet potato pie mix in the bottom of the kong was like an ice cube so they had to lick that for a while for it to thaw… the first part didnt’ last that long. 🙂

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