I May Be A Dog Trainer, BUT…

I May Be A Dog Trainer, BUT…

My dogs are not perfect.

Rio earned his CGC at 10 months old, he won second place (novice) at a frisbee competition at 9 months old, he has an agility title, he has an RL2 title with an award of excellence, and he is a therapy dog.

He is a an amazing dog and a really well trained dog but he isn’t perfect.

In fact, he can be down right NAUGHTY!

Now that you are done laughing…or I hope you are done laughing, here’s my lesson of the day.  Counter surfing is best resolved by simply keeping counters clear of desirable yummy things.  After I discovered that Rio was doing this, all the containers that Rio had learned to open were removed so he couldn’t keep ‘winning’.

What naughty things do your dogs like to partake in?


1 Comment
  1. What a creative little guy, huh?
    Who would want “perfect” dogs anyway, when they can be THIS amusing. LOL!

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