"Mind Your Manners" class at a new venue

We have a few final details to work out but I want to announce a new Success Just Clicks training class being offered at You Go Little Dog’s training facility in Irwin, PA (about 35 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh)!

Class is scheduled for Thursday evenings 8pm-9pm starting September 6th. YGLD’s facility is fantastic, it has wonderful flooring, plenty of space for everyone, areas to have some visual barriers if needed.

I will be running a “Mind Your Manners” class. This is a multi-level class geared toward building behaviors to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and build real-life positive behaviors. Dogs of varying levels can attend this class as the skills will be catered to each individual dog. Some dogs may be working on holding a sit stay while a doorbell is run and their handler walks to a door to receive a package where other dogs will be working on holding the stay through the sound of the doorbell. Some dogs may be working on learning loose leash walking while others are doing CGC pass-bys or working on weaning off food rewards.

The curriculum will be based on the skills and goals of the students in the class but will likely include:
Loose Leash Walking
Leave It
Sit for Greeting (CGC)
Doorbell Manners
Picnic Manners
(being able to serve yourself without Fido stealing food)
Recall (come when called)
Door Manners (no bolting)

The levels of all of these will vary depending on the students and their interests. Right now it sounds like we have a nice mix of novice and intermediate dogs.

We will likely play games like Simon Says, Tic Tac Toe, “21”, and other fun group games.

This class is not appropriate for dog or people aggressive dogs. Reactive dogs who are well managed could do well in this class, but please contact me first for approval.

UPDATE: There are only 2 spots available in this round of Mind Your Manners, please contact us for the registration information!

If you are interested in signing up for this class or getting more information, please send and email to successjustclicks@gmail.com or use the “contact us” tab on this website. I’d love to see some of you there!!

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