My apologies… again

Alright, I’ve dropped the ball … again (it was a sad hockey night).  I find myself exhausted after a ridiculously busy day (and of course the hockey game) and unable to commit to writing a post and searching for and putting together a spiffy photo/title thing for the post I want to write.  So, you all will have to suffer through another video I put together for students who missed class–this one is not NEARLY as interesting as the last one.

This one has Rio doing some behaviors he knows (though we clearly hadn’t practiced much LOL).  Some It’s Yer Choice and the first recall exercise I introduce in class.

I am a huge fan of It’s Yer Choice… I trained Shayne before I heard about It’s Yer Choice (perhaps before it was published?), and while she has a really reliable “leave it,” taught in the same basic style as IYC, I’ll never teach it that way again.  I taught Rio following IYC and I love not having to tell him “leave it” for basic things on the ground.  I love that his default behavior is to NOT pick up stuff on the ground.  I taught him a “leave it” after we had IYC well under control, but I so rarely need to use it because he generally makes good choices.

We will be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!

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