Success Just Clicks Dog Tags?

Success Just Clicks Dog Tags?

A few years ago, while living in New York, I was driving home from work (during a short break between shifts) when I came across a loose dog walking down the middle of a busy road.  I turned down a nearby road and grabbed an extra leash I had in my car along with some treats.  After a little cajoling, I was able to easily catch and leash up a middle aged/older lab mix.

Thankfully the dog was wearing a collar and tags… or so I thought.  The phone numbers were not local numbers but I called both.  There was no answer at either number but I left messages.  I saw a postal worked and stopped to see if he recognized the dog from the neighborhood (you’d be surprised how well postal workers know neighborhood dogs!).    I even looked up the last name on the tag to see if anyone lived locally–there was, ironically enough, someone of the same last name living just a few blocks away so I drove to that house and knocked on the door–no one was home but a neighbor said they didn’t have a dog.  All during this time I was calling and leaving messages at both numbers listed on the tag.

After about 30 minutes, I had to go to  go home, let my dogs out to potty and get back to work.  So I left a message saying I was taking the dog to a local shelter.  I got a call while on the way to the shelter and turns out the dog was visiting from out of town.  She was staying with her owner’s mom while her owner was at a wedding (which is why he couldn’t answer the phone).  I was able to get him back to his care taker who was VERY worried and had been out looking.

What’s the moral of this story?  The more phone numbers and modes of contact listed on a dog tag, the better.  Which brings me to my bright idea… a Success Just Clicks Dog Tag that students can purchase!

This is what the front of the tag will look like (there will be a Dad tag as well)

This is what the front of the tag will look like (there will be a Dad tag as well)

Anyone who has filled out my history forms have provided many phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contact people, and in some instances, veterinarian contact information.  I have it all, in terms of ways to contact the owner.  This information could be incredibly helpful should a dog be found.

My bright idea is to create a dog tag that has my number as an extra contact number.  That way I can provide all the extra contact information to the finder or send out emails/make calls myself.

While the front of the tag would be the same for everyone (with either mom or dad written on it), the back would still be 100% customizable and up to you.  You can put up to 4 lines of text on the back can even customize the font style used. The tags are from Dog Tag Art and are solid metal coated in a resin with the text/images on it–they have a 100% lifetime guarantee so if it ever becomes unreadable, you can returned it for a new one for free.

Fully customize the back of your card.

Fully customize the back of your card.

Basically the way it works, is that you can purchase a gift card from me that is good for 1 dog tag.  You’d go to Dog Tag Art’s website and either search for our tag by name or I’d provide you the URL for the tags.  You’d customize the text on the back of the tag, finish the check out process and use the gift card number during check out.  Shipping is included in the cost of the gift card and you’d need to get one gift card per tag that you’d like.  You could also buy the gift cards from our store and use them for ANY tag (custom tag that you create or one that you find on the website) if you preferred.

The cost for the gift card would be $11.99 and would cover the cost of a single tag including shipping–the giftcards would ‘ship’ for free from me or can be picked up in classes or during private lessons.

It’s important to remember that the SJC tag would only be available to SJC students (dog walking, private training, and SJC group classes) because I have all of the extra contact information for those folks.  I, unfortunately, do not have all the extra information from WPHS students and wouldn’t be of much help.

So, here’s the question, if the tag or gift cards were available in our store, would you be interested in purchasing them?  If yes, would you get the SJC tag?  Feel free to comment, email, or post on FB!

  1. When I have a boarding dog come stay with me. My collar goes on their neck with MY contact info. No sense in having the owners info when they are staying with me. Hopefully it will never be needed but I figure it is one more layer of protection for my clients.

  2. I like that idea!

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