Tena's Super Secret For an Hour of Queit….

Alright, I’m going to cough up my super secret to an hour or so of quiet in a house with 2 high energy dogs…

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, that is a bully stick frozen into a stuffed Kong–also known as a Kongcicle! Alone these two great inventions (bully sticks and kongs) provide me with some relief from the crazy dogs. Frozen Kongs generally get me 25-30 minutes of peace and quiet while bully sticks generally give me 15-20 minutes (for less expensive 8″ extra-thick sticks if they are frozen). BUT when I put these two super stars together, I can get upwards of an HOUR of quiet!

IF the dogs lick out the Kong first it takes them a little longer than a typical Kong because they have to maneuver around the bully stick jammed int he middle and then when that’s all said and done, they have to eat the bully stick. If they decide to eat the bully stick first it only gives me maybe 35-40 minutes because by the time they’ve gotten most of the bully stick finished, the frozen Kong is less than frozen.

So, now that I’ve blown your minds with my genius, go forth and make Kongcicles for your pups and enjoy the peace and quiet is brings!

  1. Hah, genius! Thanks for sharing your inspiration. I’m definitely going to try this out sometime soon.

  2. You are right, you did blow my mind. I’ve got to try this!!

  3. haha, great idea!! I don’t typically buy bully sticks as they just don’t last with mine. But ever since I discovered Bestbully as a place to buy them I have been wanting to try some of them out again, this would be a great way to do so.

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