The Kitchen Sink

Lots of information and tidbits in today’s post.

First, Rio’s got 12 weaves!! It didn’t take but 3 approximations before it clicked and he understood his job for the 12 poles. We started with a few repetitions of the two sets of six poles being about 6ft apart and he ripped through both sets without actually being cued to continue so I cut the distance down to 3ft. We did a few repetitions at that distance and again, he just ripped through both not problem so I put them straight in line and the first time he went right through. It took just a few days and he’s been weaving 12 in a row at home for about 3 days and he did two sets of 6 about 3ft apart at agility class on Tuesday. I need to work on him powering through his entries but he finishes strong šŸ™‚

Second, we are famous! Err, sort of. Last week I played host to a newspaper reporter at my WPHS orientation class and yesterday the article was printed and published online. I haven’t seen the hard-copy (though I hear a photo of Rio doing a back stall is what was featured in the paper) but the internet copy is available. It’s a nice article, not perfect and a few quotes were taken out of context but it was nice nonetheless! The reporter really enjoyed the orientation and left with nice compliments. You can find the article Here.

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Alright… I think that’s all the news for now! We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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