Tuesday Timeout

Shayne has a happy! A big happy!

So, I was going to have the pups wear their Steeler Jerseys (our NFL team) during our demo (and with the chilly weather expected I may still have them wear some Steeler gear)… then I wanted to have them in some cute costume… then I was going to have Shayne in a fru-fru skirt and Rio in his bow-tie…  but then I settled on fru-fru collars for both dogs.  The collars were easier to make and I was more confident that neither dog would be concerned with the collars but if I were asking Shayne to jump and flip, I wasn’t sure she would feel comfortable in the skirt.

I MAY get a little bit of pleasure watching my dogs look silly–like manifestations of a 6 year old girl’s dream!  I also wanted to make them look fun and silly and cute–the opposite of serious obedience.

I think many people are reluctant to DO anything with their dogs because they think the activities available are very serious or stuffy.  My goal is to go out there and have a blast with my dogs.  They will not be perfect but I won’t be perfect either.  I’m sure I’ll laugh at Rio offering me his snapping on cue or offering to lay down all the time.  Either way we will have fun!

And so Rio doesn’t get too jealous of Shayne’s rocking fru-fru collar…

Rio is staring down a squirrel in the yard and he desperately wants to be released to chase... so he doesn't look happy....

  1. So long as you are having fun, that what counts!

    You say, “I think many people are reluctant to DO anything with their dogs because they think the activities available are very serious or stuffy.” and then competition obedience comes to mind. Looks like a military drill, and what, I can’t talk to my dogs? Doesn’t seem so much fun to me.

    But, other people love it. To me agility, rally, dock diving, etc…all seem so much more fun than OB. 🙂

  2. awww… they look like they’re ready for a midsummer nights’ dream 🙂
    It’s true, a lot of people don’t even bother to train their dogs because it seems like it’d be too tough/time consuming/not enjoyable.

  3. Hilarious! Hey, if wearing ridiculous collars is what helps inspire others to do more with their dogs, then it’s good to see Shayne and Rio are willing to take one for the team!
    When we participated in the agility demo a few weeks ago my trainer kept saying how important it was for us to smile and laugh and work hard NOT to be perfect. It’s the imperfections that are the most entertaining after all.

  4. They look great, happy or not!

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