Wordless Thursday? Muddy Bear Edition

Wordless Thursday?  Muddy Bear edition

Yesterday we got gifted with about 5-6inches of snow over nigh/into the morning.  Unfortunately the temperatures were so nice and it was so sunny in the afternoon that most of the snow had melted away–by evening, there was only an inch or two of slushy snow on the grass.

All that melting snow turned the yard of my mid-day “walking” client, Bear, into a giant mud puddle.  Bear doesn’t get a walk for his break, he gets a half hour of frisbee playing and he spent the full time sloshing in the mud–slipping and sliding and splashing chasing after the frisbee… I do not like melting snow.

bear mud2


bear muddy




Luckily, I moved like a ninja and escaped his attempts of running into me and pushing the yuck covered disc into my body and only ended up with a couple dozen muddy splashes on my pants.


You all already know that Rio LOVES mud.  Do you have a dog who loves mud or a prince/princess who hates it?

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