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Sirius Training, Serious Fun!

Wordless Wednesday–Canine Body Language Edition

Wordless Wednesday–Canine Body Language Edition


Shayne and Rio got to enjoy a lovely social walk with James Bond yesterday.  It was gorgeous weather outside for our walk–mild temperature with lots of sun and a gentle breeze!  We went for a 20 minute walk and I let the dogs hang out in Jame’s yard for a little while because it was so nice out.  Shayne started rolling in the grass so I brought out my camera.  After some rolling, I caught this amazing interaction between Shayne and JB.

If you want to test your body language skills, watch the first 20 seconds of the video and then pause it–what type of communication did you see between the dogs?  I slow things down and break it down in the rest of the video!


This may not seem like much for those of you with ‘normal’ dogs, but for Shayne, this was an amazing moment.  She was loose, her tail was in a happy-wag mode, she had a relaxed face, and gave off great calming signals.  This type of interaction (especially when JB moved to sniff her) when I first got her would have absolutely triggered a reaction and potentially a scuffle.  Instead of getting snarky she turned her head and walked away (yay BAT).  What was so nice about this is that she initiated the interaction and did so in such a relaxed manner.

James Bond almost refused to come inside it was so nice out... he sunned himself for quite a while!

James Bond almost refused to come inside it was so nice out… he sunned himself for quite a while!

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